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  • #Shelter14 – #Shelter19

    What a weekend! #Shelter14 was sponsored by: Maja Ravnjak, part of the Respekt.net office, Michaela Skrein, board member of the association Respekt.net, Horst Harlacher, board member of the association Respekt.net (on leave), Paul Sills, Ferdinand Mayrhofer, Wolfgang Reiter and Wolfgang Schmidtmayr. #Shelter15 - #Shelter19 were funded by a committed supporter: Ingeborg Schuch. A huge thank you to all the donators! Feeling very blessed!
  • Here we go! #Shelter4 – #Shelter13 are funded!

    We are very grateful to our dedicated board member Josef Schuch, who is also part of the Shelter Project Iraq Team, for sponsoring ten more shelters!
  • #Shelter2 and #Shelter3

    We are grateful to Ingeborg Schuch for sponsoring #Shelter2 and #Shelter3!
  • A Shelter for Vienna

    Ever heard of Better Shelters? They are at the heart of a new European initiative to enable displaced persons to resettle in war-ravaged areas. Better Shelters provide solid, secure and meaningful transition housing; they come with a lockable door and roof-top solar panels for generating the energy needed to power a light bulb and recharge mobile phones. One such unit, shipped all the way from Sweden, was being put together in front of Vienna’s Museumsquartier first thing last Tuesday morning. From 21st of August, the shelter will be on display in an equally prominent location: the Sigmund Freud Park in front of Votiv Church. On 15th of August, Respekt.net-staff gathered at the Museumsquartier to test-assemble a kit together with supporters and sponsors. Having been tried and tested as refugee housing, Better Shelters are the cornerstone of Respekt.net’s new crowdfunding and resettlement initiative entitled “Shelter Project Iraq“. Our goal is to provide 500 displaced families in northern Iraq with adequate shelter while they rebuild their homes. To be able to achieve that goal, we need your help – even 10 euro will make a difference!
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